Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dull and cool.

One of my favorite weathercasters described the current Seattle weather pattern as "dull and cool"--and so, too, is my mood. Not in the dumps, not in the clouds, not happy, not sad, just...dull and cool.

Since I'm a girl of extremes, this is a hard pattern for me to endure. Give me euphoria, I'm fine. Give me wailing-gnashing-of-teeth despair, I can handle it.

But dull and cool? That sends every instinct I have in the direction of something that excites the senses.

Like, oh, say, artisan chocolates. Or a tasting flight of red wines. Or a sampling of different meats at Salumi's.

If I were made of money and time, I could easily transfer that search for heightened sensory input to a Spa Walk. I just made that up, but it would be like an Art Walk. Except that instead of roaming from gallery to gallery, you would roam from spa to spa and try all the different services. Actually, there would be no roaming, because after the first one, you would be so blissed out that you would need to be pushed about on a massage table with wheels, preferably with some Velcro™ tabs keeping the modesty covers from flying off into the Puget Sound.

But you get the idea.