Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chris, we hardly knew ye.

My friend Chris is dead. Story is, he took his own life Monday. I wasn't there. Truth is, he was always an enigma. The man could tell a story. He is one of the most intriguing figures I'll ever know. Never at peace. Until now. May he finally have some rest.


Tara said...

Jenifer, thank you so much for sharing these pictures of him.

I'm so sad that I'll never gaze into those beautiful eyes or grin at those dimples, but you gave me the smallest glimpse of what that might have been like.


lynn @ human, being said...

oh god.

he was my friend but we'd lost touch over the past year. he came to visit us two years ago, and i hung out with him on a business trip in Seattle. I'm shocked, but not surprised by this news. You're right in that he was never at peace. With anything. Hopefully now he is.