Monday, August 10, 2009

not a fairytale

My personal trainer at the gym keeps telling me to take a "day off" from time to time, and truth be told, that scares me. I know all the reasons I should: avoid boredom; avoid sense of deprivation; rattle my metabolism; give me tools to learn moderation; blahblahblah.

But the great fear is that I will get off the trail, find some beautiful valley, which will lead me to a mountain, which will reveal this and that and yet another thing I should behold...and, oh, the waterfall! and before you know it...I've lost the trail altogether. I will have eaten all the breadcrumbs I left to find my way back and there I'll be. Hansel and Gretel all rolled into one, reclining on the ground, stuffing her face with breadcrumbs at the foot of a waterfall.


Heather Karr said...

I'm the EXACT same way, Jenifer. It's good advice but I've been known to follow the bread crumbs to lazy Alfredoland ONE too many times.

Lisa said...

i agree...don't trust your trainer! that dude (or doll) loves the gym, probably couldn't imagine life without it...while you (and I) can imagine whole universes without out...i say, rather than taking a day off, go there, and do something different that day. Just a thought.

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

I say nuts to the hike. Let's sit for a spell and enjoy this bread. ;)

(Oh, crap. I forgot to check the "follow-up" box before submitting. I just wanted a do-over, but now it shows the world that a comment has been deleted. Blog comment fail.